Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mums Vegie Patch - Photo update

Okay, work is FINALLY nearing completion at my mums vegie patch. Its been a lot of sifting soil, hauling soil, laying some brick paving and old roof tile edging etc ... but here is currrent status ...
Here is the big tank. Currently it is half full with cauliflower and broccoletti. To refresh your memory it used to look like THIS

Here are the 2 smaller tanks (2.5m x 1.2m) and they are planted out with celery, cos lettuce, capsicums (mixed), grape tomatoes, swiss chard, carrots (mixed heirloom) and beetroots (chioggia). It used to look like THIS

Now for some flower shots ... Above is one of the many azaleas in the garden.

Above here is the fuschia.

Above is the orchid that we got naming rights over .... Pumilow Caterina...isn't it nice when flowers smile for the camera?!

Above is the last Lilac of the season.

And just thought Id put in a picture here of the Pecan Nut tree out back. We don't often get to get any because the black cockatoos raid it every season. The tree is huge, to give you an idea, where I was standing to take the photo is about 4 - 5 meters above the base of the tree - tree is at least 20 ft (the back yard is rolling terraced - its on the 3rd terrace down). Also in shot, if you can make it out, is a huge Mulberry tree (to back and left of photo) and a small grapefruit and small pear tree.


wildside said...


(And good work too, Cathode!)

Cathode said...

I'll have to see if I can find one of the original photos of the back yard from when my Nonna first bought it ... it was just about all sand!
It has definately had ups and downs over the years ... is starting to go into a good phase again. Mum is getting the pump fixed tomorrow so we can start to water it occasionally again (reticulation hasnt worked for at least a year now).
Now if I can get some chickens in there .....

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Hey Cat,
If you aren't doing anything tomorrow (Sunday), 'A garden Path' that famous garden in Bedfordale owned by Carolyn LaGrange, is open tomorrow from 10am - 4.30 pm as part of the Open garden scheme. $10.00 adults , no charge for kids.

Address is 16 Nelson St Bedfordale
UBD 393:G14
They're running talks and demos and the kids can feed the animals (I think that means ducks and chooks mostly)

:)will email you in case you don't get this!

Cathode said...

Nha, dont think I will make it tomorrow, I think its supposed to rain and I want to get in a good vegie shop (low on fruit) and also pass by the continental grocers.
Have a great day though!