Monday, December 29, 2008

Time evaporation ......

I swear the days are just zooming by!!!
Merry Xmas, Happy new years and all that!!!!!!!
So, here is another mini-photo update of ye olde veg patch .
oO, and beasties found within ...
I am pretty sure this is a sandgroper. I get a fair few of these around. I used to think they were some kind of cockroach, but the lobsterish appearance is apparently a sandgroper.
Im proud of my large yellow zucchini. Was just shy of 40cm and was very tasty : )

I have a pumpkin growing in my vertical vegie space!!!!

My Hymenocallus finally grew and flowered (I actualy have 3). aka Spiderflower, just beautiful.

I'm glad I left some artichokes go to flower, was so worth it, they are so beautiful : )

Am also letting my french fennel go for seed.

Happy New Years



Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Not sure that is a Sandgroper. Sandgropers have a big yellow and black '7' on their bellies...oh and a red nose from memory.

Very impressed with your pumpkin - mine are growing but only just formed a bulbous shape from the flower.

Cathode said...

LMAO ! I had one of those too!!!!!!!!!!!

molly said...

The garden is looking great Kat, so is the produce!
Hope you and yours have a super New Year ahead too!

Cathode said...

thanks. And you too Molly!

Stewart said...

Happy new year, Hoping all grows well

Cathode said...

Happy New Year Stewart!