Thursday, September 30, 2010


A few posts back I mentioned that I had been to a chocolate therapy class. Well, I finally had some time to make some chocolates, yay.
So, here are my Chill Chocolates - the raw chocolate recipe with a dash of Cayenne added. I also made some Goji Berry chocolates and some Cacao Nib Chocolate..but they all looked the same on the outside so I didn't bother to take a pic.
 ^ Cayenne Chocolate
^ Chocolate Truffles - recipe at my cooking blog

Recently, I also got around to doing the edging on the Fairy Garden and planting some more flowers.

 And below we have a photo of one of the new visitors. We have 3 ducks that like to hang out around the Fairy Garden (who can blame them?!). They take turns in coming up, one set come up as a pair, and the fellow pictured here likes to come up by its lonesome. So, pretty much, there is at least one duck hanging around at any time. I ended up going and getting chook laying pellets to feed to them. It is the new ritual with the kids to go out and feed the ducks a few times a day.

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