Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tired and sore

So, I can do a Fairy garden and not feel a thing. But I do hanging baskets and one section of garden today that is 1.5mx5m and I am aching all over!
Admittedly I did have to climb over a hip high fence about 20 times though!
Am cleaning out parts of my mums gardens.
Today was all the hanging baskets surrounding the house (cleaning them up, replacing dead plants, hanging new baskets etc). And that garden bed was where I was putting a heap of miscellaneous pot plants that were littering the verandah. I just need to mulch it - so I will get my Uncle to do that when he comes over next :p

I managed to stockpile a host of empty pots all in the one area, not just whereever they lay throughout the garden. It generally looks quite a bit tidier! She'll probably kill me when she sees it. lol.

I didn't take a before shot (forgot), and I won't post an after shot till the mulch is on.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I swear I only read this tonight, but you know as we walked in the side entry today I thought "Jeez, I never noticed how nice it was out here (as I saw those beautiful haning baskets etc). You did a terrific job Cat, and the party was great - the kids had a ball - and I had to rave to H about that cake.
Still a bit embarrassed that I didn't notice people were leaving - too relaxed watching the boats go by!
Thanks for a lovely morning - must have you up for a 'proper' catch up soon.

Cathode said...

Thank you :)
I'm going to do a post on the party in the next few days.
I'm still recovering from the party, lol.
You guys missed all the excitement by about 1/2hr! There was a boat right in front of our fence and then we heard the water police sirens (really really daggy siren) and they pulled up down the bottom. The kids got a thrill out of that.
And we so should catch up!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I've never even spotted water police anywhere before - so they are out there then! I'm not surprised the kids got a thrill - even I would have!