Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hong Kong - Where to shop; part 2 Shopping Malls

I didn't get to as many shopping centres this time around. And the ones I did were a bit more on the upper end of the scale :)


Harbour City (near Star Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui)
The place is HUGE! But if you are into designer gear, particularly designer children and baby gear (authentic), it is AWESOME. And yes, I did indulge and got some great deals. Particularly a very nice Christian Dior dress for my daughter at half off. God I just love designer sales, and with the exchange rate I got it for a song. Below are some photos from the Ocean Terminal entry side and some of the shops ... and the amazing view from the malls windows.
As you can see, all the Xmas decorarions are up!
With views like this, I don't get much shopping done.

We also did IFC Mall. Not too far from the Star Ferry Terminal on Hong Kong Island side. We didn't have much time here as we decided to jump a cab and head off to Stanley Markets. Trouble with shopping with other people and they aren't into the same things as yourself.
Anyway, this mall is all about Luxury.

Langham Place Shopping Mall, Mong Kok
15 Storeys of shopping and worth checking out while you are in Mong Kok at the Ladies markets.
Photos below are all from the mall there

The One is a new Japanese style shopping mall that opened up whilst we were there. It is on Nathan Road in TST (Tsim Sha Tsui). TST is becoming (I found) very heavily influenced by Japanese. Of course it is still full of Pakistani men that harrass you at every turn for "copy watch" "designer bag" "suit" etc And even, on one lucky occasion "Hashish" ~eye roll~
Anyway, "The One" is big and beautiful. Photos below are from there.

And Silvercord Shopping Mall. I can't find a link for the mall itself, but found THIS one that you can use to have a perve as I didn't take any photos there.
I liked this place. Discount and seconds for some designer labels. You have to check carefully as most of them are seconds for a reason. Great place to get really cheap cosmetics and perfume.

We went to a few other malls, but nothing really worth noting.

The following is a list of ones that I have been to in the past, or ones that I really really wanted to get to - but was unable to due to my travelling partners :(

If you need more malls, you can find a list HERE (5 pages)

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