Monday, December 27, 2010


Okay, just a basic photo post...
These are the appetisers that I made for Xmas eve
My secret sauce - Kecap Manis, Sesmae oil, toasted sesame seeds, frsh ginger, spring onion, mirin etc.

My Sashimi Tuna and avocado ceviche (lime marinated) spoons.

Sashimi Salmon spoons.

Prawn appetisers with lemon and dill sour cream mayonaise.

Smoked Salmon with fresh dill on a chive and cream cheese spread on fresh French stick.

Chocolate boxes for guests - White choc rum ball, dark choc rum ball, peanut butter cream, cherry brandy cream, ginger brandy cream, honey caramel, and plum pudding ball.

Xmas day left overs lunch. Only new dish is the eggs - made with lemon and dill sauce mixed with egg yolk, piped back in to egg whites and topped with caviar.

Glad it is over with for another year. I think I am going to save the 'foodie' stuff for dinner parties with friends and people who will actually eat it, or at least try it.


Ellie said...

oh please invite me. What sort of food heathens are you related
to ;-p

Cathode said...

lol, I know right?!