Friday, May 6, 2011

Andrew Bolt and why I am scared he is now on TV ...

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I am scared because of all the ignorant masses that watch the old idiot box and take this kind of 'journalism' as fact. Or worse, use it as validation of their own ignorant ideals. He is on TV, he must be right! right?
The upside is ... who the fuck watches TV on a Sunday morning?

Andrew Bolt has a long history that any of you can google at your leisure.
Just have a read of these articles and see what you think ...
Bolts good job for Gina
Gina Rineheart buys into Channel 10
Bolt from the Blue

All of the following have been said about Andrew Bolt.

“He is utterly undeserving of any platform to spread such ignorant bile."
"Could Andrew Bolt possibly be any more of a lowlife scumbag?"

"I once called Andrew Bolt a worthless bloodclot, for which I must apologise. To bloodclots everywhere. For Bolt however, there is only scorn, slight regard and contempt."

"Melbourne’s village idiot"

"I think Bolt is a strategically shaved, wind up dummy,"

"…a shameless gutter partisan. You are a Blot on the media in this country."

"We need to stand up to scum like Bolt and call them for what they are – bottom feeding parasites that trade on fear and prejudice to line their own pockets."

"Bolt lives in a land far beyond…..contempt"

"Good stuff. Bolt is our very own Glenn Beck; an extremist who peddles hate and fear while making a motza off the back of the unhappiness and bitterness he stokes up."

"Bolt’s comments will be seen through the eyes of history in a similar vein as comments made by politicians not so long ago in support of the White Australia Policy;"

"Bolt is a Dolt."

"Bolt is a revolting coward"

"Bolt is a disgrace to this nation.”

... I'd agree


Melissa said...

I agree too. And I was going to say, he is our version of Sean Hannity or Glen Beck.

I don't watch television, so while I had read that he was getting his own show (and my stomach kind of dropped), I haven't seen it.

I dread what's to come.

Cathode said...

I think it starts tomorrow morning. I am torn because part of me wants to watch it just to see what attrocious things he comes out with, the other part of me feels like I would be 'supporting' it by watching it.

Silent Moose of Doom said...

I remember during the Marysville bushfire coverage, he turned up with a token teddy bear so he could hand it to a newly-homeless kid on camera, then started spouting anti-Greens crap and refusing to let the reporter interrupt him or cross back to the newsroom.

I think she actually wound up having to shout over the top of him. As the broadcast went back to the newsroom, you could still hear him in the background trying to make himself heard over her.


I vote we send him and his followers to live on the edge of a polar ice cap. I mean, no such thing as global warming, so he's got nothing to worry about, right?

Cathode said...

He really is a bottom feeding parasite.

I second the vote for him and his followers to go live on the polar ice cap :)

Purplekitty said...

You're all far too kind about him.

Cathode said...