Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bolt Report: all Bolt, no report

The Bolt Report: all Bolt, no report

"It is named for Bolt, hosted by Bolt, and dominated by the Boltian worldview. It featured white middle-aged men talking about Boltian fundamentals - namely, the great climate change con and those refugees taking over the country - with a surfing Afghan refugee beamed in to be scolded for high unemployment among his compatriots."

LOL. I usually hate SMH reporting, but I am loving Tim Dick. He lets rip!

I didn't end up watching the show. I just could not bring myself to watch it. I could think of a thousand things that I would rather do on a Sunday morning than listen to Andrew Bolt, ie.
1. Pluck nose hairs
2. Wax armpits
3. Attempt a home ritual self circumcision of myself
4. Masturbate with a cheesegrater
5. Slam my breasts in a car door
....etc. I think you get the idea ;)

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Melissa said...

Am proud to be 'one of those do gooders' who can't stand Andrew Bolt and his fearmongering, poor-excuse-for-journalistic tactics.

Didn't watch here either. Have no reason to believe the tv show will be any less insufferable than the column.