Thursday, August 11, 2011


Molly & CWM Goch!

Where oh where do I get good chooks from?
What are the best layers?
I have heard the Isa ones stop laying after 5 years or so ... is that true?

What are the lovely spotty ones? I want pretty ones that lay :p

nb: probably wont be getting them before dec/jan ... just doing homework.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Patryc's Organic chook farm are good but hard to find.
Check out ChookNet or the WA poultrybreeders list. They have forums which will put you into contact with people who have what you want.
In my opinion, the best layers are Leghorns (plain looking - white, but by golly they're consistent).
Pretty ones.. you're looking for things like Wyandottes (Golden or Silver). They're heavier birds too so not as flighty - great as pets for the kids - very placid. They are black with gold or silver dots.
Plymouth rocks are also beautiful - My Plymouth Rock rooster Henry was my favourite...ever. :(

molly said...

I'm a huge fan of the bantams, they rarely destroy anything in the garden like the bigger ones, make little mess and lay so well, just smaller egs:)

Make great pets because they are so quiet and look like a pheasant when plucked on the table LOL!

OK, I can't eat mine, just eggs and pest control with lots of fertiliser for free:)

Cathode said...

I knew I could count on you guys ! ~hugs~

Poor Henry :( He was so pretty!

Another question...
I don't want to use up all of the 'new yard' (if it finally happens) on the chooks. Would a 10m x 2m pen be suitable for 6 chooks? or would it be better giving them a 10x3?

molly said...

10 x 2 is fine, you could even think about letting them roam in the remainder of the yard to fertilise and control pests if you wanted:)

Cathode said...

nah, probably won't let them roam as the rest is 'allocated' to the kids...swing set, crushed limestone paths and lots of sand.
Plus I don't want them wandering around to the patio and shitting all over my furniture :p

molly said...

LOL, that I can understand:)