Saturday, March 24, 2012

Verge side shopping

The Armchairs! - One on the left is after I got to it with a sander and stain/varnish :)
Had a seriously good day today in terms of picking up free great stuff!
There is a verge side collection in the next suburb atm and so far I have managed to 'score' for the new backyard (4 weeks to go! YAY) 3 jarrah bench seats, 2 outdoor jarrah armchair, 1 outdoor jarrah table and a triple seater see-saw.
The furniture was in pretty good nick too. 2 of the benches, the arm chair and the table just need a light sand and some varnish/gloss. Maybe some new screws to tighten them up. The other bench was painted, so have already sanded it back and repainted it. Will post photos later!

This bench was already painted. As I couldn't get the paint off, I decided to go with the burgundy and black theme. It is half done. Just have to do the top 3 bars in black. Chair was painted alternate blues and greens.

One of the benches.

And the table!


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Wow! What a find! Looks great.

Cathode said...

I seriously need to pull my finger out and finish stain/varnishing them :)