Thursday, July 12, 2012


So, After just about finishing the big renovation next door - I have decided that my house totally sucks!
I am going through now and slowly repainting (and changing some fixtures, ie from white ceramic to stainless steel/brushed aluminium etc). We decided on doing it all in shades of grey (NO! nothing to do with that bloody stupid book!).
Main living areas pale grey, toilets, laundry, hallway and stairwell a mid grey and our bedroom a dark grey (Victorian Pewter - but with some shots of yellow to take the lavender out of it).

In preparation for our new backyard (which has STILL not happened yet - don't get me started on the bloody neighbours dragging their heels on that effing fence!), I am also re-doing our courtyard. Plan is to make that area a bit more contemporary and adult so we have our section and the kids have their own area to tear around in.

In other news, as it is school holidays, we are doing family stuff. Scitech, Zoo, Movies, Play gyms etc.

Photo update below!
I planted pink and burgundy Cordylines as well as Rainbow Dianella along here with blue metal on top (weed mat underneath because I hate weeding). You can also see I hve a new fence as the storm the other week blew mine out (And not the effing fence next door that NEEDS to be done!)

Closer view

Cutest tortoise at the zoo. This little fella is a Radiated Tortoise. It was about the size of a hockey puck!

T-Rex at Scitech

One of the little fellas in the Paleontology pit "discovering" a dinosaur. He was fairly confident in telling me it was a Coelophysis. LOL

Stegosaurus at Scitech.

This is the grey colour in the laundry. I had to paint the mirror chrome as the brassy/gold it was just didn't work.

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