Saturday, May 24, 2008

Edible Driveway

On this side we have Loquat, Feijoa (out of shot), Blueberry
(planted after pic), Blood navel orange, Kensington Pride Mango .... for under planting we have chervil, french fennel, radicchio, broccoli, romanesque broccoli, artichokes.

Im really into tree torture now : ) Here we have a golden
delicious and a pink lady on my first foray into espalier.
Wish me luck!
To the left of them is a pomegranate.
Underplanting here is some snow peas, and a Nellie kellie
passionfruit behind on the fence (planted today so not in pic).

On this side we have Meyer lemon,
West indian lime, Peacharine, Apricot,
then the apples and Pomegranate.
Underplanting here is cos lettuce, brussle sprouts, snow peas,
leeks and three miscellaneous plants which I think may be
2 varieties of pumpkin, but am not sure (I chuck seeds out
there just to see what happens), I will post some pics later
in the hope that someone may be able to identify what
exactly they are.

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