Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ye Olde Vegie Patch

As we have a small courtyard, we dont have that great a vegie patch - without measuring it, I would say it is approximately 5 meters long x 1 foot wide ...however, we are able to get a hell of a lot of capsicums, parsley, basil and tomatoes out of it come summer.

This year we have put in japanese eggplant, broadbeans, and some new basil (the old one is looking manky), and I have seeded some giant leeks, celery, italian parsley, paprika .... in one of the photos you can see the manky capsicums, but they are still producing, so what the hey!

The mushrooms are not real, they are concrete for the kids to play with. The real mushrooms are in the garage (portabello), but I havent started it off yet ... nothing to photo coz it is just a box of dirt atm.


Nathalie said...

There are some gorgeous and really colourful mushrooms you can get at the markets (here and in the Kalam one) Our kids love to move them about - which is nice for me because day to day I wander about the garden and go 'Ooh look the fairies have been renovating again!'.

I have pointed Molly at Crossroads to your blog because she's looking at doing stuff in a smaller space - but now you've changed the name!!!! Perhaps you could visit her at her blog and share your site?


Cathode said...

Th blog is still the same, just the title bar name that has changed : )
I'll go pay her a visit anyways.