Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garden Update

Well, after hunting around to get a custom made vegie tank and being told I could, but would have to order 3 of them, I decided to fall back on the old standard and make my own from spare pavers again. The area is down the side of the house, leading to the storeroom. It is about 9m long by about 1.5m wide. The bed is only about 45cm wide and about 5m long, but have found in the past that I can actually get quite a good yield from such a small area (contrary to popular belief). I should of done before photo shot. It was such a mess here with just geraniums and vincas from where Id pulled up some pavers (it used to be paved wall to fence). Anyhow, the eldest was suitably impressed and ooed and ahhed, lol.

I also decided to trim down one of the 'flower beds' and do it as a semi vegie patch ... so in here I have planted asparagus and turnips : )
The cos lettuce is looking nice and healthy, am putting it down to the citrus fertiliser as the lime tree they are around is thriving as well and is loaded with new shoots and even a flower bud!The raddicchio hasnt had enough cold yet to turn it the colour I like, but am hoping it will get there - unless of course I am completely confusing varieties with the red leaved and white centre veined one that I love (bit bitter, bit sweet).

The romanesco broccoli has started developing a head, am surprised because everytime I have grown broccoli (or tried) it usually gets about 60cm high before it starts, and this one is barely 20cm high.

I thought Id lost my artichokes from the spotty fungus problem as one of them was covered in it, but I rubbed it off, cleared a well, and it looks okay, so far : )

Nat, I have 2 avocado seedlings if you want them. I am pretty sure they are Hass variety (but I could be wrong as I dont keep track of the Avocado varieties I eat, lol). Avocados are pretty easy to grow, and dont believe what they say (that a avocado grown from seed wont fruit) because all of mums trees are from seed and they all fruit.

My broad beans are caning along nicely. Lots of flowers, so hopefully will have a nice crop.

The manky capsicums are still growing fruit.

Consensus is that the miscellaneous seedling is a pumpkin of some sort (the other one is apparently a rockmelon). It is surrounded by brussel sprouts. I am pretty over people saying that I plant too close together. I like the look of packed vegie beds, and it hasnt seemed to of affected my yields so far.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Your garden is looking fantastic!
Your broad beans are as large as mine and look a lot healthier.
RE: the avocado - I'd love them we were looking at getting some, and I was worried about that 'won't fruit from seed thing' so thanks for that. I know your mum gets HEAPS off hers.
Are you wanting any herbs? I'm going to be dividing some yarrow and chervil soon and can put some aside for you if you like.

Talk to you soon.
Nat :)

P.S. if you want a sanity break when Grant's away - give us a call. After Friday is good (reports are due then so until then I have no life - this has been my first 3 minutes unchained from the laptop in a week. :(

Cathode said...

I have some chervil in (actually, may have to separate it as well). I dont have yarrow. what is that one good for? what does it taste like?
Grant was only away 36 hours (gets back tonight) and I have the gastro now too : (
Im off loading the kids on him tomorrow night and taking some me time : )