Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vertical challenge

Okay, having looked at the garden and the SEVERE lack of space, I have decided to start the vertical challenge. I will have a load more wall pots to get and some trellises, but will have it all sorted by spring. So far I have managed to do a 3 tier strawberry stand - top basket is Redlands Joy Strawberry, middle one is the lovely pink flowering Fragoo Strawberry and the bottom one is Sweethearts Strawberry. The idea is to have them all cascading down and making it harder for the snails/slugs to get to and also to keep dirt off them so they are easier to wash. In theory this will end up looking fantastic! Will show pictures in spring that will hopefully back this up.

seedlings underneath are a mix of spinach, chard, chilli etc.



this wall is one of the ones targetted for the challenge : )

There will eventually be a heap more of these HALF BASKETS above the new vegie bed, the idea here will be to do vine stocks like cucumber, tomatoes etc. I wont be planting anything here until spring. Anything with heavy fruit will have a lovely sling out of pantyhose made, lol.

This should be arriving this week! It is my new SEEDLING GREENHOUSE. We've bought 6 seedling trays (100 cell) to go with it, and I also have some jiffy pellets and egg cartons to go in here. I am hoping to hell that an egg carton is just as biodegradeable as a peat pot is?Diggers order should arrive next week also, so I can get my seedlings started for spring.


TheCrone said...

Wow I love your strawberry idea! Will definatly be using that one at Wit's End!

Cathode said...

LOL. feel free!
just wait till you see the cucumber baskets ...when I get around to doing them that is, lol.