Sunday, April 4, 2010

Miscellaneous update

So, I still haven't really done anything except plant jonquil bulbs.
Still awaiting the red delicious and pinkabelle apples to rippen, and my youngest son tucked into the golden delicious, much to the dismay of my husband (he wanted them).
The last of the tomatoes turns out was vying for the worlds smallest tomato plant label (see picture below of it's fruit size - all of them were like that). And I have just noticed that my Winter Nellis Pear Tree has 3 pears on it! so my first 'crop' of pears at this house!
^Yep, I grow them tomatoes big at my place, lol. This years crop was totally disappointing.
Below is a picture of the gum tree's (Eucalyptus ?Grandis) new up flood lighting (at mum's)
I took the photo below while waiting for my son to finish his tennis lesson. I am assuming that it is probably a vapour trail, and the airport is in the direction of the tapered end .... cool though.

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