Monday, August 23, 2010

The joy of papier mache - not.

Okay, so today the plan was to make at least 24 papier mache 'dragon eggs'. Just the first layer.
I set up kids with kiddy scissors and paper and a bucket while I went off to make glue. The recipe I used was
1 cup plain flour mixed into 2 cups of cold water. Whisked smooth (no lumps).
Boil a pot with 3 cups of water. When boiling, add in the flour mix and stir (I whisked) until thickened - which it did in a minute. Took off heat and put into a bowl to cool.
I go to check on kids. A total of one sheet of newspaper has been cut between them and they have decided to run off down the backyard and fob it all off.
So, I go and blow up some water balloons. After I pop the first 3 (water balloons are not meant to be blown up), I finally get the knack and do up 28.
I take them outside and set up the 'work station', and call the eldest back to come and help. It is for his freaking party after all.
He successfully (not) does 1/4 of a balloon, decides the whole task has nads on it and disappears off to play with his brother.
Mum joins me and between us we make 27 'dragon eggs' - the last balloon popped in the sun.
They look pretty good so far, so we set them out to dry. They dry pretty well, but 2 are a bit slow as I had made them a bit thicker.
Well ... let that be a lesson to me. My youngest son decides, brilliant! I will nick a couple and peel off the paper ~grrrrr~
So, we are down to 25. I need 24, so just as well we made spares.

I will post up pictures from todays efforts ... when I cba.

Next weekend we will be doing the pulp papier mache layer (today was the strip paper layer), just to get a better shape and better structure. Then it will be painting time.

I am going to document the whole lot of it ... because even I can't believe that I am actually going to this trouble!

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