Friday, August 20, 2010

Really not much...

I really haven't been paying much attention to the garden of late.
I had my knee operated on in July, and am only able to just start bending it now ... so I fear kneeling in the garden beds is going to still be a while away :(
I have been watching my vegies grow (snow peas, fennel bulbs, broccoli, kale etc) and feeling frustration as for every plant there appears to be a weed to match.
The side alleyway leading to my store room is looking shocking! Full of weeds between the pavers, along with a tonne of Borage. Of course the Borage didn't self sow in the bed, it did it all in between pavers. The cats have gotten in and dug out the comfrey (now a stump of a plant covered in turds).
The pears along there are still growing ... does anyone have any idea how long it takes pears to ripen? it feels like the fruit have been there for 3 months, but they are not very big.

Next door we had to remove a big mound of dirt and building materials (that was helping hold up the fence). The water corp needed access to the manhole that was conveniently located underneath it (typical). Unfortunately it has also resulted in the fence falling over further - as it was just about the only thing keeping it up. Soooooo, yet another letter to the strata manager of the units behind - this time giving them a deadline before I pursue legal action. The fence has been like this for 20 odd years. I have only been dealing with it for 2 years - as in trying to get a resolution from them. So. Damn. Frustrating!
(nb: the fence is all their fault as they altered the lay of the land and never put in a retaining wall)

Mums birthday is coming up soon. I am pretty pissed. Not at mum, but I bought her present 2 weeks ago, paid for it straight away and have just received notification that it has just been posted. Soooo, it has 2 weeks to get into my possession from Russia. It had better get here in time!
I am going to make this cake for her birthday. Pretty selfish reasons. Well, apart from me wanting to make mum a birthday cake, a) it looks like something I can manage no sweat. b) all the kids will love it. c) I will love it, though my diabetes will not.

The young master and I have been discussing his birthday plans, and this year it is all about the dragons!
So, after deciding that there is no way that I can do the cake that he wants (it's a sculptured dragon job from fondant), I am just going to outsource it. I have slowly been accumulating dragon bits and bobs for loot bags, decorations and "prizes". But the big job will start next weekend. We are inviting around 24 kids (Kindy & friends) so the young master and I will be making 24 Emu egg sized "dragon eggs" from water balloons and papier mache for the Dragon Egg Hunt.

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