Monday, September 13, 2010

Fairy Garden Update ... and cake.

So, this is what I did today...planted some plants, arranged some gnomes and wood animals, painted a wall, paved and mulched.
From this
to this

From this
To this
So, all up it came together pretty well.
I just need some more redgum chips and some more time to paint onto the curved wall a 'fairy door' (even though it more of a gnome overload) and some flowers and mushrooms and stuff. Very happy so far, kids love it, yay. But I am totally stuffed. Straight to bed after True Blood and some work for the business association :(
Flowers planted are lavender (french white and regular avon blue), a variety of daisies - heritage, marguerite etc, everlastings, rosemary, parsley, alyssum, lobelia etc. The tree in foreground is a peach, weeping one behind cubby is a weeping mulberry.

And on to cake...
I did the kitkat cake again for my mums birthday. I'll show it in stages. Baked a round chocolate cake - devils cake made with with shaved chocolate. Iced it and then stuck kitkats around edges.
Then I put a ribbon around to support the kitkats, and filled in the top with one bag of mini M&Ms and one bag of regular M&Ms.

I have all the paper soaking ready to do the papier mache pulp. So not looking forward to next stage of the Dragon eggs...


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

No energy huh?!!!!
the garden looks fantastic! I LOVE the gnomes.
The markets in Mundaring sell cute concrete mushrooms in bright colours - they might be a nice addition over time too.

Cathode said...

I have been feeling motivated of late - to get away from computer and actually doing things :)

I'm dog tired and I still have some graphic stuff to do for a local business group tonight :(

I love the concrete mushrooms. I have the gold and cream ones in my garden, and I put the red and orange ones in the 'fairy garden'. I do want to go and get some more ... I want the poisonous mushroom look (red with white spots) but I really want some that are a different shape.
Is the one at Mundaring the same lady that sells them at Kalamunda Markets?

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

yes I think she is the same lady. What do you mean different shapes? I reckon you could ask her and she'd work on ti for you if she doesn't already sell some.

Cathode said...

Last time I asked her (a few years ago) she said she only did the one type.
I would love some shapes like (you'll have to cut and paste)

or like here (oO and they are Aussie ...might get some from there!)