Sunday, October 31, 2010


Firstly, Flytraps! I love them!
This one I put up just over a week ago at my house.

Now, for the party! Obviously I am not going to put pictures of the kids up here, so here are some pictures of the cake! Not exactly what I wanted, but close enough that I didn't care. It tasted delicious! She said it was just chocolate mud cake, but it tasted a bit alcohol like. Gods I hope not as it was for kids! Anyway...

I have other photos from the day, but they are on the other camera and god knows when I will get around to getting the photos off that one, lol.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Where did you get the flytrap from? That's amazing and we seriously need something like that here at the moment.

Cathode said...

About $9.80 each.

I didn't need any last summer and I swear it is because the year before I had 2 out in spring and they filled up in a week as well. I think I broke the cycle for the following year, lol.
I have to go and get a few more as the flies are really bad this year.
Spring/early summer is the best time to put them out. I always put a bit more water in than it suggests and I put in warm water (the stuff needs heat to activate it I think).
Warning, it does smell like shit. And if you hang it where it can get sun (ideal) make sure you top it up if you notice the level dipping.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Sent H out to get some today! Thanks! And yes they are shocking this year - though we put it down to all that goosey liquid gold we've got around the place!