Friday, November 5, 2010

Gifts in Jars

I am finding this concept fascinating! So watch out people come Xmas!
I have done 2 posts over at my cooking blog Cathode Cook

I have a recipe over there for buttered brazil nuts, so I am going to do a few jars of them up for the Xmas table.
Anyway, found another few links for ideas of what to put in jars
Gifts in Jars

Jar Mixes

More gifts in jars

Jar packing tutorial

7 great edible gifts in jars
The trick is going to be making them as appealing and attractive as they will be yummy!

ETA, just found place to buy them all from too! MASON JARS (eta the postage worked out to not be feasible for me on this one. Have since found a few places in Perth, if you are interested, leave a message and I will give their details).

On another note ... I can't believe my daughter is going to be 1yr old very soon!
I am going to make this one for her birthday cake :)

Also, The Maylands Street Festival is on this Sunday! If you are in Perth, come on down! especially if you have kids!!! There is a massive art and craft marquee with loads of free and even some fancy stuff for the kids and something for the adults to do as well! Loads of FREE rides and entertainment!!!

Some links for Christmas Craft ideas <- looks easy as!

Christmas cookie jars

OMG, I think I am actually getting excited about Christmas for the first time in donkeys years!


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I LOVE christmas. We start it all on Stir the Pudding Day (Nov 30th) and go from there to spread out the fun.
Love the jar idea - we are hoping to do similar with our fruit and some extras this year if the birds don't take it all!

Cathode said...

I did the kids ones up today.
I ended up getting some clear plastic Christmas cups (wide ones) with santa and snow and reindeer etc. Then I filled them with smarties, a freddo, a lollipop shaped like a christmas tree, a daryl lea snowman chocolate pop, some fruit chews etc, then wrapped 2 in clear cello, and 2 in red cello and tied up with red and gold curly ribbon. They look pretty good. Have stored them in the coolest part of the house (and well hidden from kids).
For the other place settings for the xmas eve table I have decided to alternate between christmas cookie jars and hot cocoa jars.
All of this is in lieu of crappy xmas crackers.