Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hong Kong

Well, I am back after 8 days of Hong Kong solid shopping :)

Completely knackered.

I will do a few posts on Hong Kong - in parts.
Where to Shop - Markets, or higher end. As well as a good tailor and jeweler (tailors and jewellers are everywhere in Honkers but these two that I will recommend are good and trustworthy).
Where to eat - Cheap and good. Higher end and good. Middle range and consistent.
Things to do - okay, so the ONLY thing I did other than shop was go to Ocean Park for the day, so this post will be about Ocean Park.
Funny Signs - what is a post on any part of Asia if you do not include any Engrish?!
Basic customs - What to do or say, even where to stand :)

I will start doing these posts in the next few days, once I finally unpack everything.

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