Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gifts in Jars - again

Okay, I am being super organised and have started making gifts in jars.

I have done half of the Christmas eve ones (the brownies in jars - see recipe a few posts back)), and I have done up some gift jars for my eldests kindy friends and kindy teacher.

I still have to print out the instructions for the jars. Am planning on doing them onto a gold (gold gold, not yellow) star so it will probably be on a white circle, lol.

Brownies - Not *too* different from the inspiration

Xmas Eve place setting gifts - Luckily I found some gold satin
and some burgundy and red ribbons with gold stars on
them laying around the house.

Kindy Kids gift jars - red, green and white Jelly beans or red, green and white M&Ms. The Green and white M&Ms are choc mint. The red M&Ms are actually Jaffas.

One Kindy Teacher is getting a brownie jar, the other will be getting a christmas cookie jar :)

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Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Those are COOL!
I am So pinching your idea again

Keep posting - my christmas is getting nicely sorted thanks to you!!