Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nine Fine Food

Firstly, I have realised that I need a better camera (or to convince my husband to take his when we go out). So, apologies for crap photos, only so much I can do with a crap camera.

Nine Fine Food (229 Bulwer Street Northbridge) has to be one of the favourite local restaurants for myself and my husband. Hey, we loved it so much, we had our wedding there almost 4 years ago!
Anyway, we roped my husbands lovely sister into babysitting and we went for a revisit. We only get to go here a few times a year, so we 'make the most of it' when we do go.
Unfortunately it was Munekes (owner/Chef) night off so that was a bit of a shame as we love a good natter :)

Starters were a 'gift' from the Chef. This was seared prawn and pork with pineapple served with "violet" sauce. Violet sauce is a reduction of red wine, lime and mirin.

For Entree we had a share plate labelled "Zensu" which was composed of Oyster & Uni, Spicy tuna sashimi, Spiced beef, pork sui-gyoza, and agedashu tofu 'nine style'. Nom. Spiced beef and Oyster & Uni definite favourites here.

First Course - I selected the Kinoco Caviar Pasta. This was tobico and masago caviar with angel hair pasta with mushrooms in a sake rice wine cream sauce. OMG NOM. I am STILL thinking of this dish!
First Course - my husband selected the Sashimi 'nine style' platter. I have had this many times and it is always fabulous!
Main Course - My husband selected the Violet Duck. This was a section of braised duck served with a peach and pear salad with a red wine, lime and mirin reduction. He said the duck was cooked exceptionally.

Main Course - for me. I went with a standard favourite. Duck with scallops. Roast duck breast sliced and served with seared scallops and lotus root on top of a chilli seaweed salad. Unfortunately, my scallops were raw in the middle, so I sent them back. The duck was cooked perfectly.

And, because we are greedy, we always get a side of deep fried Spider Crabs (soft shell). These ones were so tasty and hot (fresh from fryer) and one day I will, I WILL get that caviar cream sauce recipe off you Muneki!
Here are my replacement scallops. Served with chilli (the red one) and plum miso (the yellow one) sauces. Nom.
And of course, what is any gratuitous meal without decadent desserts? We had Kuro Goma (Black sesame) gelato with a Wasabi Chocolate Mousse.

All off it washed down with a satisfactory bottle of 2003 Bolly.

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