Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Eve

So, I *finally* finished the gifts in jars place settings. I changed the ribbon on the brownie jars as I think these look more "Christmasy".
I used pre bought tags, that we printed up the instructions on sticky labels and whacked them on.

I also got around to making the Christmas Pudding Balls - recipe on my cooking blog HERE

For Appetisers, I have changed my mind again. I will now be doing 
Fresh Prawn with Lemon Dill dipping sauce. ^ This, obviously, isn't it, but I like the presentation so will be 'borrowing' the idea.
Sahimi tuna with Mango Spoons (not cups as above). I will also be getitng a nice dark red tuna.

You can get the recipe above over at The Recipe Diva
 Tuna sashimi and Avocado Ceviche - I will be putting it in a chinese spoon.

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