Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hong Kong - Quarterdeck

Going through some photos, I realised there is a heap I haven't gotten to about Hong Kong.
So, tonight it is about Quarterdeck!
Quarterdeck is located in Ocean Terminal in Kowloon.
I would say the food is pretty basic, but I did order 'au naturel'. We had wonderful service and had a pretty spectacular table. What was so good about this, for me, was that day I was so craving seafood. I was chomping at the bit to have some! After a shopping stint down that end of the terminal (designer kids area) I really needed to sit down. Hubby still doesn't know how much I spent shopping there. Ssssshhh.

So, here are the pictures.
Quarterdeck is just to the right of the boat pictured here.

And there you see the tip of the bow out the window. Along with possibly the best lemon, lime and bitters I have ever had! 

Mixed seafood platter; crayfish, smoked salmon, mussels, clams and some sort of sea snail thing. Sauces were (weirdly) tomato sauce and the mustard coloured one was a ?mayonaise made with cray heads.

Close up of the snail thing, sans shell. No idea what it was, saw a few stuck on pilons in the harbour. Tasted good though.

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