Friday, March 4, 2011

Time, she a flying by again!

Wow, haven't been here for a bit.
Have been busy between having knees operated on for the patellofemoral realignment (one in July 2010, and the other in Feb just gone).
Throw in my first ever life threatening allergy - most likely culprit was a medicine - off to be tested soon, and shoulder problems (being 'sorted out' in 2 weeks time) and you have the makings of one woman that feels like she is 80yrs old instead of the late 30's that she is.
Pity party in full swing.
Can't get into the garden and it is driving me insane. I haven't been able to kneel in 8 mths. 8 mths! I need to get the gardener out again, the weeds are out of control. The Perth heat, sun and lack of water (had operation of a particularly hot week in Feb) ensured that half of the front garden turned its toes up and I lost a heap of veg :(

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