Saturday, April 30, 2011

The best week

I have had the best week that I have had in the longest time. I'm enjoying being a mum again and spending time working with the kids. For the last 10 days we have been doing all sorts of arty crafty things and cooking together, as well as trips to places like AQWA.
But I would have to say that today was by far the best day. A rare day of shopping together (all 5 of us) as a family and then having lunch before heading home to drop all the shoppinbg off, then heading out on a spontaneous afternoon picnic out at Noble Falls (not so much falls though as Western Australia seems to be in a permanent state of drought).
The kids had a ball running around and exploring and the husband and I had a ball just being out and about as a family unit.
Soooo, here are some photos from some of the crafts and cooking we have been doing ... as well as a picture from Noble Falls (the rest of the NF pictures had the kids in and I don't post identifiable photos of the kids on the internet).
Gingerbread creations - men, women, butterlies, tarantulas, cookies and batman signals.

The lead up to the falls actually had some lovely stagnant looking water in it. It must have been okay because it was teeming with tadpoles and there were ducks and other birds.

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