Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ah, with everything that has been going on I completely forgot to do my Easter update!

Well, this year we decided to do the Easter Egg Hunt at my mothers place. Just 'family'. She has a huge garden that lends itself to adventure and exploring for kids. But first I had to set up a whole pack of citronella incense for the bloody mosquitoes! OMG, they are such a nightmare over there! I also gave the section of garden that we would be using a once over with a can of fly spray. To no avail. Most of us still received bites.*
We set out all the eggs from everyone and the kids went on the hunt. A plethora of chocolates to be had!

Then inside for the brunch. I wanted a finger food style brunch, so I got cracking. My lovely sister in law (the one married to my brother) made some minature chocolate cupcakes decorated with mini easter eggs and some minature pumpkin, feta and rosemary tarts (Nom). My mum made divine rice rissoles and zucchini slice (though she forgot to bring out the latter).
I went overboard and made;
Roast Beef, cheddar and horseraddish cream mini panninis
Smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese mini rolls
Baby BLTs
Baby Banoffee pies
Chocolate custard and cream chocolate cups

Everyone was very full. There were left overs, but not for long as visitors starting showing up later on.
The kids came home with entirely too much chocolate. So much that we ended up donating a heap of it (I let them keep one piece of chocolate from each gift giver).

So, here are some photos of the hunt and food!

Top - chocolate custard cups, Middle - smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese rolls, Bottom - roast beef, cheddar and horseradish cream.
Pumpkin tarts on left side and mini chocolate cupcakes.
Baby BLTs
The end of day, diabetes inducing, haul :)

*My husband has mentioned these big mosquito killing units they make for the American swamplands. About $800 or something, but we are seriously thinking of getting one for her place. Such a pity to have a wonderful garden and be limited in the use of it.

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