Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lake Leschenaultia, CWM Goch & Babies!

Wow, what a wonderful day!
Today we headed out to Lake Leschenaultia. Was a mainly overcast day, but that can be just brilliant for a picnic because not too many other people go out for a picnic in the threat of rain!
Turned out that there was a "festival" on at the Lake. We hadn't seen any advertising about it in our web trawls searching where to go for a picnic. I felt bad for the event as it was a pretty crap turn out. About 30 people? not including the volunteers (which looked like equal number). BUT they did have free face painting and bouncy castle so all the kids (mine and my nieces) were very happy!
We were the first of our party to arrive and we managed to nab an excellent table hutchy thing by the water and away from the band set up.
Was a gorgeous day and wonderful to spend time with family :)
Here is a photo from Lake Leschenaultia.
As you can see, the water level was a bit low, but the water quality seems pretty good (especially after the recent scare) and it is crystal clear - if freezing cold!
Anyway, on the way home we decided to take a detour and drop in on the most lovely CWM Goch. Oh my that woman has done wonderful things to her garden! And I don't think she realises how much of an inspiration she is from all the hard work she does!
All the kids had a good run around while I was walking around in awe of all the yummy fruit and veg (read her post on Food Forest concept) and the lovely ponds ... and well just all of it is so lovely and I am so completely JEALOUS!!!
I am also now completely hooked on Lemonade lemons!!!! and I have some gorgeous ?golden nugget pumpkins to add to tomorrow nights casserole! nom nom.
All the Lemonade Lemons that I have left :(  And the Golden Nugget Pumpkins.

My kids had their first Ferret Introduction

And they had a play with a Doggie.
Then we headed off home where we unloaded the car and I took off to see The Crone and meet her gorgeous new bubba! Oh my he is just a little bundle of perfection! I got a wonderful cuddle until he wanted some more boob action (men! pfft! lol) and had a lovely catch up with Crone until I had to head home to get some dinner!

I realised today how much I miss my friends. Friends who understand you and know you and not judge you, but take you as you are.
I am lucky, not only in knowing that people out there like this exist, but to also be able to call them friends :)

Today has been a wonderful day!


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I'm blushing Cat. An 'inspiration'?! Cool!

yes it's been too long since the Alliance got together. And I've missed you too!

hubby has 'real' weekends coming up in the months ahead so i can feel a gathering coming up. What say all you PBAllies

Cathode said...

Of course you are an inspiration!
I actually got off my butt today and got out in the garden and sowed a whole HEAP of seeds! I even dug out the dead Apricot and moved the Eureka Lemon (to a sunnier spot). My shoulder isn't loving me for it, but I feel great for having been motivated to get out there and restock the veg levels!