Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Botox Mum

Well, at least there is some common sense somewhere in the world.

Kerry Campbell loses custody of 8-year-old daughter she injected with Botox

I can't believe that it took authorities so long to protect that child though! Kerry Campbell has been giving interviews and has been "out" for at least a few months about giving her 8yr old daughter botox injections.
I have mixed feelings about this whole thing though. Yes, the child will be better off, but the child must be hurting right now.
Firstly, you have a mother injecting toxins into her childs face. One slip or something wrong with the batch and the child would face permanent facial disfigurment (in form of paralysis).
Then, you have an obviously ignorant mother (to the dangers of botox), but now you have a child that does not understand why she was taken away from her mother. The child will probably also probably face a lifetime of body dysmorphic issues because of the mothers actions (ie. She was not beautiful enough as she was).
At the end of the day though, I am saddened by how much publicity this woman has received over the last few months. I am saddened because for every 9 people that saw the atrocity in her actions, there was probably one parent who thought it was a brilliant idea and why not try it.

I would like to know though ... Why is it a CPS worthy event to remove a child from care for receiving injections for aesthetic reasons, yet many parents are allowed to remove their sons foreskins for purely aesthetic reasons ("because it looks nicer" "to look like daddy") and no-one bats an eyelid!


Stewart said...

um, because..... um... nope, I have no idea why but good luck trying to get them change the thinking on that one.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Opening a can of worms here Cat.

I think the woman's actions are appalling (obvious) but what stings me in this, is that we have kids suffering far worse abuse (really violent) and our authorities here will do NOTHING until the child gets hospitalised. Go figure.

P.S. Posted some pics of the Quenda if your kids want a look. Warning though, these pics are rated HG. (not suitable for Husband's beginning with G - these images may cause distress X)

Cathode said...

Oh, I know there are kids that have it far worse, that is part of why I am so saddened. She has only been taken away because it caused outrage amongst viewers of Good Morning America. The woman has been out and proud for months about what she does to her child.
But other children that are in worse positions have no action because not enough enraged 'viewers' are kicking up a stink.
BUT, then you also have ... what defines 'bad' abuse? I know people that have been through far worse than this girl and have gotten through it as relatively normally developed and other people that have had less abuse than this girl that are deeply psychologically scared (?sp) by what they perceived as abuse.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

True - resilience is the key there. If the elements to build it are there, the impact of the abuse is diminished it would seem.
That's why we work on resilience in my job, because we can't have an impact on the abuse, only on the child's resilience.

Cathode said...

Resilience is a life skill, most definitely.

Avril said...

She should be punished very hard...the words botox and child shouldn't be together in the same sentence. She wanted some easy money and now she lost the child....somebody's up there watching us:)

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