Friday, May 20, 2011


Things are pretty up and down at the moment. We recently received some news that put us into a bit of shock. There are good moments and bad moments and a lot of uncertainty.
Trying to keep the house running as smoothly as possible and keep some 'normality' for all of us.

Sooo, this week has involved Mr Carnivore learning how to make Greek Rice Salad (yummy), Art classes for Mr Fussy (the improvement by just the end of the first class was amazing!), the boys started their swimming lessons and loved it - only tantrums were when we had to leave, Gaaaah! For craft this week we made bangles out of coloured dough and bake set/dried them out to make them hard. And today Mr Carnivore and I are making a chocolate devil food cake :)
Then kids will help me make a Beef Vermicelli salad for dinner (if it turns out nice I will post recipe at my food blog in the next few days).

In between it all I have been feeding my ipad gaming addiction. Between Angry Birds (HD, Seasons and Rio), Zombie Farm, Plants vs Zombies and Mortal Kombat it is a wonder that I get anything done!
My Zombie Farm :)


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Our kids LOVE plants vs Zombies!!!

Sounds like there are a few bumps in your road at the moment Cat. Thinking of you. :) Will call you in the next few days if you feel like a chat. X

Cathode said...

Am always up for a chat : )
Just not between 5pm to 7.30pm - when they all go nuts. It's fun. Not.