Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoo Day!

Last night my eldest asked "Can we go to the Zoo tomorrow?", so why not?!
I packed them all up and stopped by to pick up some extra hands in the form of Nonna and off we went.

We had a beautiful day for it. Sunny and 25 degrees (celcius). We spent about 3 hours there, and we all could have happily stayed a lot longer. An hour was spent just between the crocodile and the reptile house. My daughter was in love with the lizards!

We had a special treat of having Trish - one of the elephants - be taken for a walk and she passed about a meter from us :)

But ask the boys what their favourite part was and one says the crocodile, and the other one says the playground!
Quite a few of the animals were oput and about today, so that made the experience more enjoyable. Though neither of the lads seem at all interested in monkeys/orangutans.

Can I just say ... Sumatran Tigers are HUGE!!!! and they are the smallest of all tigers!

Here are some crappy photos...

Snooze time

I have to admit, I am really loving these days out. Shame that school is back later on this week :(

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