Thursday, June 16, 2011

Juicing and Pigeons (nb: NOT Pigeon Juice)

I don't think this brand even exists any more, but it is the BEST JUICER EVER!
 I decided it was time to get back to juicing! I have a new juicer. It is SHIT! So, I dug out my dads old juicer that still works as good as new - even though it is about 35yrs old now.
I have been doing blends like
Apple and carrot
Apple, carrot and strawberry
Apple, carrot, strawberry, plum and beetroot.

Can I just say, that if you drink the juice of a whole Beetroot, it is true that you pee and poop pink for 24hrs!!!!

Anyway, I love fresh vegetable juice. And I need it as I am not a huge fan of actually eating vegetables (unless they are in a soup or roasted).
Now, the area I live in seems to be infested with flying rats (aka pigeons). I flipping HATE them. I am a stones throw away from calling in pest control to posion them all. I open my garage and they come inside and gah, just PISS.ME.OFF!
So, the boys (knowing how I feel) decided to make me a scarecrow to scare them away (bless). The above picture is the final result. It so doesn't work at all, but it is the thought that counts.
I had to have a good old laugh as well when the following converstaion happened...

Nonna "What are you doing there?"
Eldest "We are making a scarecrow!"
Nonna "What for?"
Eldest "To shoo away all the bloody flying rats!"
At which point Nonna looks at me and says, I wonder where he got that from?!


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