Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas 2011

And Christmas is nearly here already!
My how this year has bloody flown.
Anyway, I have been stuck in the repeating tasks of Christmas crafts with the kids - usual of Santa heads, Bells, ornaments, xmas stocking decorating, cookies and little houses (photos of them below).

Soooo, rest of this update, is - shock horror - a photo update!

Their relatively new cubby and the outdoor Xmas tree (aka Loquat that suddenly died on me)

Fake gingerbread houses. Look at my cooking blog on how to make the "Ungingerbread House"

All wrapped up and ready to give away. There are going to be 8 kids at the Christmas party this year, so my boys and I made enough for all the kids!

For the place settings at the Christmas party, I thought I it would be 'cute' this year to make up bags of Reindeer Noses.

One of the painting projects for the cubby. We had some left over Bouganvillea wood, so painting it seemed like a good idea.

More painted wood for the cubby decoration.

We took all the kids down to a life size snow dome.

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