Friday, December 23, 2011

Snowmen and Gardens

So, today has been taken up so far with making marshmellow snowmen gifts. I swear all the kids at the Christmas party are going to be so fed to the gills with sugar!
Instructions for Marshmallow Snowmen is HERE

My corn and zucchini patch at my mothers house.

She has heaps of these vicious bastard plants. They are called the "Crown of Thorns".

Meanwhile, back at home one of the various projects has been to try and rid ourselves of pigeons. 3 kilos of poisoned feed hasn't seemed to have done anything to the bastards, so have reverted to deterring them from my garden. So far this used disc mobile has been working. (used discs and fishing wire).

My little patch of tomatoes, basil and garlic.
My mum lost a few Rhubarb this year, but the lone survivor is doing fantastically.
And then there is my little Angel. I lost my son, Byron, nearly 9 years ago. We buried him here and this is his memorial statue. My poor little boy was the same size as this cherub, so it seemed fitting when I saw it to get it to mark his grave. 

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