Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stage 1 and new aquisitions...

Okay, here are the stage one photos of the hanging gardens, lol. I think I have said before that these will host mini cucumber varieties, grape tomato varieties and mini rockmelons.
Its coming along nicely, but the major plant out of this area and the bed underneath it will be in spring. The space is only just starting to get sun again, and is nice and sunny here in spring/summer. So, so far, I am happy with how it is looking. Mind you, I am looking at it with eyes that see the final product : ) This space here is getting there. Same scenario as the other space, it doesnt get much autumn, winter sun (if any) but is good in spring and summer. These baskets I am saving for my new purchases (see below) with the Cossack Pineapple, and the Strawberry Spinach. This is the before shot post of this space. As you can see, I am one basket liner down as yet.

My Lime and Lemon are going great (new shoots and flower buds), and the lettuce and brussels sprout are coming along nicely. Also in shot is the corn salad, red mizuna, endive and chicory ... Go the dense gardening!

Okay, for the new purchases .... hehehe.

I have a Jostaberry on the way from Diggers. This was the blurb that came with it

"If you like Blackcurrants and Gooseberries, but the small thorny shrubs aren't to your liking, then the Jostaberry is for you. This thornless hybrid has a complicated lineage including both gooseberries and currants, resulting in a handsome shrub that produces marble-sized fruits in mid summer to enjoy with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries."

And this one sounded great, as I LOVE pineapple, but begrudge paying up to $7 per pine. Seeds on their way from Cornucopia.

"Cossack Pineapple are a very easily grown, sprawling, very productive plant. It bears delicious berries that are encased in a papery husk and have a flavour reminiscent of pineapplePlants grow to 50cm but with bushy spreading lateral branches which choke out weeds. Fruit is ripe when it falls to the ground. Fruits are delicious fresh, as well as making terrific pies and jams and will ripen from mid summer until frost."

Looks like a gooseberry doen't it?!

BTW, a big thankyou to Molly for the Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe ... went down a real treat!


molly said...

Glad you enjoyed them!


TheCrone said...

That's a cape gooseberry! My girls love them and I know Molly dog's adore them!

Cathode said...

Just did some researching and it says "Small sprawling shrub similar to Cape Gooseberry but heavier cropping and sweeter honey tasting fruits."

I do have a sweet tooth : )

TheCrone said...

Oh I neeeeeeed to get me some of those then!

Cathode said...

LOL. You are as bad as me woman!

Terrible, Muriel, just terrible.

TheCrone said...
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molly said...

ok, I want some toooooo LOL


Melinda said...

The jostaberries look fabulous! And I wonder if the cossack pineapple are the same as ground cherries, which we grew last year (and LOVED!). They're related to gooseberries, only they're smaller. Also related to tomatillos.

I'm looking forward to seeing your mini plants - cucumbers, rockmelons, and tomatoes. So cool!

Cathode said...

I did read somewhere that they were like a ground cherry: )