Monday, November 8, 2010


Just because I want to go completely overboard!

I am pretty sure I am going to do a version of cake pops for xmas for the kids - but instead of cake, I am just going to do chocolate truffles as it is easier. Bakerella did some beautiful ones.
I also want to do mini apples. BUT, do I do the caramel apples from Meet me in the kitchen ?

 or I could do the mini caramel apples at From glitter to gumdrops ?

OR should I do the mini chocolate apples from Zuppas ?

Which would you do?

I will be doing the appetisers for Xmas Eve dinner. So I think I have decided to do this
^Bread, Smoked Salmon, Salmon Roe, tiny bit of spanish onion and a shave of truffle (olive pictured but that is too phallic). Parsley to garnish
^Bread, Camembert, grapes and parsley to garnish.
 ^bread, ham and cucumber.
^bread, prawn, slice of lemon and aioli.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I'm pinching your prawn,aioli bread idea. Christmas eve is at our place this year too and I'm starting to pull together ideas.
Dessert will definitely be a 'Buche de Noel' (yule log) as that's our tradition, though I'm looking for another as well so there's a choice. If you find anything in your travels not requiring expert skills, but that looks amazing let me know! (I know you are the person to ask!)

Cathode said...

Pinch away! I have stolen them all myself :)
Will keep my eyes peeled for a dessert for you. What are you looking for? creamy? fruity? decadent? cold? hot?

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Cold I think (less fuss) and could be decadent just not too much work as the buch is a fiddle. It's also pretty rich so I was thinking i might do Annabel Langbein's grilled fruit with icecream, or a peach fool (with our home-made honey & cinnamon yoghurt).
Else a mousse, but the buche will already be chocolate. Yeh, plenty of thoughts, no decisions! So fresh ideas always welcome!

Cathode said...

OH, you know what is just divine and perfect for a hot day, really easy to do and looks great in a clear glass bowl, or even a champagne slipper glass or a martini glass ....
Blueberry sorbet with fresh blueberries!
I got mum a special glass set that has a glass bowl inside a glass with a stem. The main glass holds crushed ice, and the inside cup holds the sorbet and you sprinkle fresh blueberries over it.
This isn't mine, but they come out like this
^you'll have to cut and paste.
Most supermarkets sell it now, I think Coles stocks Azzura Gelati which make a lovely one (nb: there was a recall earlier this year but it was due to inadequate labeling of dairy or something).
Or, as you have a thermo ... make your own sorbet and add fresh fruit to it :)
Or, do grilled pineapple with a mango sorbet
Here is a pic of mixed sorbets and grilled pineapple
and here is one of just grilled pineapple and mango sorbet

Actually, there are a heap of great sorbet ideas on their other page here

(sweet) stephanie said...

Love it!!! I'm so excited for the holidays!